Untwist is currently developing a fully functional Cloud-based Post Production Pipeline.

Everything you do can now be completed in the Cloud. 

All you need is our Thin Clients (with a Calibrated Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse and optional Wacom Tablet), and a stable Internet connection.   With our solution, you can run almost any application from the cloud including; Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere, Cinema4D, Avid Media Composer (Flame Linux is coming soon).  We can also deploy a scalable Cloud Render Farm so that you only pay for the compute cycles that you use.

You no longer need to purchase Servers, Workstations or proprietary Shared Editing Systems.  You no longer need a Staff IT person.  We provide User Logins with two-factor authentication.  All of your data is fully redundant and encrypted, and you have the keys. Incremental Data backups are also included.

If you just purchased a Server, then it will be the last Server you ever own.  Our solution will shift CAPEX to OPEX, and allow our customers to scale their pipeline and infrastructure as their production needs and business needs change.  

We offer different Virtual Workstations for different needs, and you can select from several CPU, RAM, and GRAPHICS CARD configurations to fit your needs.  3D Artists, Compositors, Editors, Producers all have different needs, and we offer a selection of Cloud Workstations to meet these needs.

For any software that requires floating licenses, we can provision a Cloud Floating License Server.  Applications like Adobe Creative Cloud will require customer provided licenses.